The Last Of Us Part 2 - Patrol

I worked on a suburban section of Jackson Patrol together with Andrew Watkins. This section was also a part of the gameplay demo that was released earlier this year. My main responsibilities as an environment artist included initial blockout, asset building, terrain creation, set dressing, creating shaders and optimization. A lot of work was also spent figuring out the best way to create deformable snow where we ended up using pixel depth occlusion together with various masks to get the final result. Shout out to Matthew Trevelyan Johns for creating the vehicles and caravan used in this section. Lighting was done by Mark Shoaf. Working at Naughty Dog is a very collaborative process with many people involved in various fields and I want to thanks all those people for doing an amazing job.

I created this shader with using the particle gbuffer to be able to control the alpha transparency of the ice in real time. I also used another layer with a border blend to add the cracks on the side.