Battlefield 1: Sinai Desert

I had the opportunity to work as a Level Artist during Battlefield 1 together with an awesome team at DICE. Creating a level in Battlefield 1 was really a team effort including vfx, tech, design, sound and art. My main responsibilities as a Level Artist on Sinai Desert was blocking out the level and assets, create terrain textures and shaders, asset creation (natural), terrain masks and painting, composition and asset placement, create backdrop and finally made sure the level was in perfomance and in a shippable state. This level was also a part of the Gamescom Gameplay Trailer.

Sinai Desert Level Pod:
Level Art: Joakim Stigsson
Level Art: Erik Rönnblom / Fredrik Larsson
Level Design: Inge Holberg

A huge thanks to all the people involved.

Battlefield 1 Official Gamescom Gameplay Trailer